TUGA Files Expandable Chassis Patent

Passenger comfort drives innovation

VANCOUVER, BC and LISBON, PORTUGAL — (March 23, 2022) – TUGA Innovations, Inc. (CSE: TUGA) (FRA: DQ5) (OTC: TUGAF) (“TUGA Innovations,” or the “Company”), which is developing solutions for urban mobility challenges with the TUGA, a new type of electric vehicle (“EV”), is pleased to announce it has filed a U.S. provisional patent application for a new approach to fore-and-aft seating comfort.

The Company’s expanding length vehicle chassis (“ELVC”) system is designed to offer a unique backwards movement of the rear part of the vehicle chassis to enable improved passenger entry and exit. The Company proposes to integrate the ELVC system into the TUGA, a three-wheeled, fully electric fore-and-aft 2-seat vehicle which is being developed by the Company. The vehicle is no wider than a motorcycle for agility and boasts a patent pending expanding rear axle for stability at higher speeds.

Designed to deliver a 160 km range with a proposed top speed of 140km/hour, the TUGA aims to deliver the comforts of a car with more protection than a motorcycle. The interchangeable multi-body, multi-function platform also aims to incorporate advanced connectivity technology to maximize safety and performance, supervise environmental considerations, improve overall comfort and ride, manage maintenance schedules, and introduce assistive semi-autonomous navigation.  The concept of modifying the body and chassis for greater passenger comfort demonstrates the commitment to excellence TUGA Innovations aims to deliver.

César Barbosa, TUGA Innovations VP, Co-Founder, and author of the patent notes, “From an initial key customer conversation, we began to increase our focus on the passenger experience. This reflection led us to consider how to make the person behind the driver even more comfortable. Just as getting on and off a motorcycle can require physical effort, we wanted to propose a different approach that maximized the TUGA experience. I believe that our ELVC system should make the customer seating experience equally exceptional for both driver and passenger. We are currently in development and moving towards prototyping and finalization of details. With the help of our excellent Portuguese-based strategic partners at Optimal Structural Solutions and Vangest Group, the development of a functioning ELVC-enabled TUGA prototype is a work in progress.”

Company CEO John Hagie notes, “Based on experience, I can say that’s its easy to find motorcycles or a variety of fore-and-aft 2-seat vehicles that have fixated their design features on the driver to the detriment of the passenger experience. This new approach from TUGA Innovations aims to provide us the ability at the flick of a switch to provide what we think is the perfect experience for both. Innovation is at the heart of our company, and we aim to add value by promoting creative thinking and by aggressively protecting our Intellectual Property (“IP”). Photos and examples of the expanding chassis will be posted on our website as we move the engineering and IP protection forward. We always strive to ensure our stakeholders, partners and shareholders are kept up to date regarding our business advancement and developmental progress through timely news releases and updates on our website.”

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John Hagie
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About TUGA Innovations, Inc. (CSE: TUGA) (FRA: DQ5) (OTC: TUGAF)

TUGA Innovations is a development-stage electric vehicle company undertaking the conception, design, and production of specialized EVs to improve the urban mobility experience. The Company is looking to reduce urban mobility difficulties by developing a three-wheeled, fully electric fore-and-aft 2-seat vehicle. The vehicle will be no wider than a motorcycle for agility and will have a patent pending expanding rear axle for high-speed stability and a proposed patent pending expandable chassis and body length for passenger comfort. The vehicle will offer advanced connectivity technology to maximize safety, performance, environmental impact, comfort, maintenance, and navigation. The TUGA vehicle is being designed to deliver an estimated 160 km range, have an estimated top speed of 140km/hour with the comforts of a car, and with more protection than a motorcycle in an interchangeable multi-body, multi-function platform. Find out more at: https://tugainnovations.com/.

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