Tuga Innovations Inc.

An exceptionally diverse team of professionals presents the TUGA advanced urban mobility project. From automotive design and production, architecture, marketing, virtual & augmented reality creation, through high-tech business development, TUGA is focused on compelling go-to-market strategies encompassing a novel suite of creative products and services.

TUGA combines a forward looking approach to urban mobility with the possibilities of digital technology. We’re introducing a new class of vehicle to a new class of driver.

Digital transformation has profoundly impacted how we work, our relationships to devices, created new business models, and even re-shaped how humans interact. We are at the intersection of a rapidly changing world of possibilities and opportunities. TUGA Innovations embraces change in the conception, design, and production of specialized vehicles to improve the global urban mobility experience.

We make driving easier.

Travel from point A to point B within and between cities. When you arrive, parking is super-easy.

You drive smarter.

An environmentally aware experience. The computing power and software resembles a computer on wheels more than a traditional vehicle.

Amazing platform flexibility.

Ability to change body styles and functions. For commuting, delivery, taxi, fleet, or leisure applications. A single platform can transforms based on need.

Comfort and safety.

With seating as comfortable as a car, yet safer and more protected than a motorcycle. The patent-pending retractable rear axle offers improved stability when extended and agility when retracted. The optional extendable chassis offers improved access and comfort.

Something for everyone.

Our target is urban dwellers and the service providers that connect our modern cities. Aimed at both public and private organizations, including vehicle sharing operations, delivery operators, municipalities, transportation system providers and many, many others.

Global markets.

There are no barriers to global adoption. From the Americas to Asia, Australia to Europe, Tuga offers solutions to a growing problem around the world.

Conceived in Portugal

Engineered in the USA


People on Earth have a huge problem to face: World Population.

In 2050, there will be 9.8 billion people, and most will live and work in cities and megacities.

Many urban workers struggle with mobility and sustainability issues that can lead to anxiety and health concerns. The current system isn’t getting better and in many parts of the world urban transportation is collapsing.

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It is not uncommon for people who commute to work to spend up to four hours per day driving. Over the course of their working life this could amount to up to 7.5 years of commuting time.

In comparison, motorbikes and scooters are far more agile and their size makes them far better equipped to navigate traffic. However, what they make up for in convenience, they lose in comfort, weather protection, luggage space and safety.

Urban mobility is a growing global problem, but TUGA has a solution!


Traffic congestion.

Vehicle traffic is overwhelmingly congested around the world.

Solutions not band aids.

Global taxpayers want individual, personalized solutions, not poorly conceived mass transit mega projects.

Sustainable growth.

Ongoing demand for eco-friendly ESG* oriented automotive solutions drive long term growth for light-duty urban vehicle electrification.

Massive markets exist.

SE Asia, South America, Africa, India, and much of Europe already embrace small form transport.

Low hanging fruit.

Regulatory, production and cultural acceptance is far less complex in jurisdictions that already permit motorcycle-styled vehicles.

Connectivity to a large mobile marketplace.

Digital-to-automotive solutions introduces a sophisticated alternative to younger urbanites.

Proven Investment thesis.

The very few publicly traded sector start-ups already achieved significant market capitalizations.

Exit Strategy.

Major players such as Toyota and Polaris have already invested heavily in the sector. It is plausible other majors will follow and opt for a fast-track solution.

The time is right.

Well conceived electrically powered urban transportation options are needed right now.

* Environmental, Societal and Governmental

The word “TUGA” is deeply related to the Portuguese soul.

It’s a friendly saying meaning a regular Portuguese person who is proud.


CEO, Co-Founder & Board Chair

John Hagie

Founded Red Wave Marketing Services to help start-ups define their Go-To-Market strategies and activities. John has extensive sales and marketing experience across varied sales motions (major accounts, channel, franchise sales) selling hardware, software and services within different geographies.

Co-Founder, VP, Director

César Barbosa

César Barbosa Is a talented Architect who has had a lifelong passion for Classic Cars. Since 2008, he has dedicated his life to Urban Mobility Solutions launching several companies in Brazil and Portugal. His inspiration has brought the concept and design of the TUGA vehicle to life, He is leading our work in Portugal including work on body designs and integration with drones and eVTOls connecting Urban Air and Terrestrial Mobility.


Lucas Leonardi

Mr. Leonardi is currently the Automotive Global Accounts Team Director at Amazon Web Services EMEA based in Paris, France. He brings over 25 years of sales & product marketing experience (business development, original equipment manufacturer agreements and profit and loss statement management) in software and related software as a service industry endeavour.  Lucas is recognized as an agile strategist with entrepreneurial leadership and managerial skills in international and multicultural environments. He recently served as SVP Mobility for Valtech (a software integrator) developing vertical strategies for group mobility as a service offering. Previously he served under Peugeot Citroën SA Group (now Stellantis) as Head of Worldwide Strategy & Partnerships Connected Cars, then as COO for Free2Move (Stellantis Mobility brand). His career began at Hewlett-Packard in California followed by the creation and sale of his own encryption software company to Gemalto and subsequent executive positions as EMEA Snr. Business & Marketing Manager at Logitech Switzerland, and Snr. Business Development Director EMEA at Lookout in London.

Independent Director

António Câmara

António Câmara is a Professor at the New University of Lisbon. He was a Visiting Professor at Cornell University (1988-89) and MIT (1998-99). In 2000 he co-founded Ydreams, pioneering research on virtual and augmented reality and geographical information systems. He was the company’s CEO until 2015, developing over 1,500 projects in 40 countries for 50 Fortune 500 companies. YDreams Group includes three public companies: YDX, Ynvisible and Azorean.

Business Advisor Middle East, Member of Board of Advisors

Sultan Seborro

Sultan Seborro has been involved in high-level negotiations and business transactions in the Middle East for over 20 years. His experience and relations there, and throughout the world, bring invaluable support to the TUGA project.

Director of Digital Media

Edmundo Nobre

Edmundo Nobre was a co-founder of the Ydreams Group and is currently COO of Aromni (augmented reality). These companies have developed over 1,500 projects in 40 countries for 50 Fortune 500 clients. They have also sold products in 50 countries around the world. He was also founder and Director of Ynvisible, Azorean (aquatic drones), and Human Mobility (smart mobility).

CFO, Secretary, Director

Faizaan Lalani

Mr. Lalani is an accounting and finance professional with over 10 years of experience covering audit, financial reporting, corporate finance, and operations management. Mr. Lalani previously worked in the audit and assurance group at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Canada, where he obtained his CPA, CA designation, gaining vast experience in accounting practices in both the public and private sectors during his tenure. Mr. Lalani previously served as a director and CFO of a beverage company, assisting them in raising over $10mm. Currently, Mr. Lalani serves as Director and CFO of AmmPower Corp. and United Lithium Corp.

* Special thanks to António Videira and Mauro Ferreira without whom the TUGA Project would not have gotten off the ground.


TUGA’s team
brings together automotive industry design and manufacturing expertise.

Designed intelligently
to utilize Off-The-Shelf (OTS) parts, manufacturing efficiencies are being incorporated to maximize margins.

exteriors create a prestige image while delivering a vehicle suitable for all climates, and all markets.