Sector Leader

Sector Leader

TUGA is ground-up designed as a sector-leader.
Early adopters achieved excellent financial market valuations & keen investment interest.

Potential to generate ongoing revenue across multiple sales cycles.
Software updates, subscription fees, new body styles, colors & accessories plus dedicated partner support network ensures trailing revenues.

Active international markets and government incentives are poised for significant growth.

Societal & environmental (ESG*) consumer demand will drive broad interest & platform for adoption.

Large automotive players have demonstrated sector interest and may offer a timely exit strategy.

TUGA Network allows qualified operators low cost, high return participation in regional sales, marketing & aftercare opportunities as part of a rapid market entry strategy.

Our demonstrated proof-of-concept is safe, stylish, fun-to-drive and specifically designed for urban fleet operators and modern commuters everywhere.

TUGA’s expert & professional team is ideally positioned to rapidly launch & commercialize TUGA.

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TUGA combines sophisticated transportation and information systems into a uniquely innovative urban vehicle mobility solution.

Cutting-edge user experience incorporates, Safety, Performance, Environmental, Comfort, Maintenance, Repair, Utilization and Navigation data for a truly advanced and engaging, real-time experience.

Flexible design utilizes a single unified chassis with interchangeable bodies styles and functionalities.

Enjoy the comfort of a car with more protection than a motorcycle. Uniquely suited for individual leisure or commuter users, fleet operators, small businesses, or municipal operations.

Extraordinarily narrow width and retractable/expandable rear axle provides increased agility and stability.

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Date/Place Formed:

April 7, 2021 - Vancouver, BC

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July 31

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Consumer Products - Autos and Parts


TUGA Innovations, Inc.
409 Granville Street, Suite 1000,
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 1T2


AuditorsCrowe MacKay LLP
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